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Monkeynastix developed a set of protocols in conjunction with guidelines from the NICD and through consultation with various school bodies.

It is our objective to NOT change or interfere with COVID guidelines already established and put in place at the schools, but to rather complement the schools’ protocols by overlaying the strict management of our own protocols.




  • The instructor will adhere to school protocols already in place for management of groups of children.

  • Instructors will at all times wear protective masks when teaching.

  • Instructor will change masks between schools.

  • Instructors will regularly make use of a hand sanitizing solution to minimize the risk.

  • All equipment will be wiped down with a high-grade sanitizing solution between classes and schools.

  • Instructors will regularly check their temperature daily and between schools.

  • Should an anomaly be detected, schools will be advised of the cancellation of classes until such time the situation has been resolved.

For updates on COVID-19 please click HERE or on the image below.

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