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We do not carry over registrations from 2023. Please register for 2024. Once you have registered for 2024, you do not have to register again!

   This website is only for schools located in the Southern Suburbs and Atlantic Seaboard   
If your school does not fall in the area above, click HERE to find your franchise contact details.

Monkeynastix Cape Town Southern Suburbs Registration Form

Please complete this form accurately.

Child Gender

How to enroll and sign up.


  1. Complete the Member Registration Form.

  2. Once you have completed it, you will be redirected to the 'Payment' page where you will find a selection of payment options.

  3. Annual Registration Fee and Term Fees are due BEFORE CLASSES COMMENCE, so pay attention to instructions in point 4 and 5.

  4. You will receive an order by email once you have registered. However, you will be redirected to the Payment page and required to pay the registration and term fees immediately after registration. The system will automatically issue you with an invoice once payment is made.

  5. New members must select:

    • Opton A to pay for Annual Registration PLUS the first Term Fee or select...

    • Option B to pay for Registration PLUS the year in advance to get a 10% discount on term class fees in 2024 or select...

    • Option C to pay for Registration PLUS half term Fee.


That is all there is to it.​ Please also read 'REGISTRATION AND PAYMENT OF TERM FEES' on the 'Payment Page'.

Monkeynastix Terms and Conditions


To read the T&Cs for the program, please click HERE

To view the Data Privacy Policy, please click HERE.

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